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Information from the Lodge Almoner will be found on this page, to view an item of news or report  report please select the item from the list and the full details will be opened as a pdf file. 

The Almoner

The Almoner keeps in touch with members and their families in times of illness or distress.  Lodge funds can be allocated to the Almoner for specific purposes, such as the distribution

of Christmas cards and gifts to widows.  Each Almoner has his own method of working, but typically an Almoner arranges visits to those in hospital, organises practical help for members when they or their families are in difficulties, or simply visits members who find themselves unable to attend meetings.  The Almoner provides an individual Brother with a very important link to various sources of assistance.  With the help of the Almoner, Brethren can receive assistance in times of poverty or distress and this facility is of course provided in total confidence. Like the Charity Steward, the Almoner does not have a reserved place in the Lodge room.  The Jewel appended to the Almoner’s Collar is a Scrip-purse, upon which is a Heart.

Almoner's Contact Details

Bro. Keith Bellamy

Almoner's News